Adding a new event

Adding a new event

Adding a new event

First, lets explain the composition of an event according to the Tickets - Mini Menus conception.


An event can have multiple event dates, in this case a calendar will appear in the event page

An event date can have multiple tickets, each ticket have it's own quantity, price, and sales dates

Event information


This select contains the list of categories that you manage through the Event > Categories section, organizers choose the most relevant category that is applicable to the event


This is a translatable text field which contains the event's name


This is a translatable text area which contains the event's description. It appears as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text zone with multiple text editing options available


Show the attendees number and list in the event page


Enable reviews

Allows attendees to add reviews to this event


Languages, Subtitles, Year, Audiences, Country, Artists

These fields are the event data, they may not apply to some events, that is why they are optional and appear in the event page as below


Youtube video url

Organizers can optionally add a Youtube video by pasting its link in this field

External link, Contact phone number, Contact email address, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn

These fields consist of the event contact information, all of them are optional



To help attendee find events quickly, organizers can enter some keywords that identify their event (press Enter after each entry)

Main event image

This is the event image that appears in the search results and at the top of the event page.

Organizers should choose the right image to represent their event (We recommend using at least a 1200x600px (2:1 ratio) image )

Images gallery

Organizers can add other images that represent their event to be displayed as a full screen responsive gallery


Event dates

Organizers can add multiple event dates, and at least one, to their event by clicking the Add button. Each event date has the following fields:

Enable sales for this event date ?

If checked, the event date (and its tickets) won't be on sale anymore

Once you disable sales for an event date or an event ticket, the carts will be automatically updated to prevent unwanted sales and the purchase will be canceled (the attendee will be notified by the change)

Start date - End date

These dates are the dates that your event start and ends on. The start date is a mandatory field. They appear in the search results and in the event page as follows:


Please note that once the event start date (including hour and minute) is elapsed, the event wont appear anymore in the search result, but will remain on sale the points of sale assigned to that specific event date

Is this event date online ?

If set to no, the organizer will have to choose a venue from a list of his added venues. If set to yes (Online), the venues select will be hidden and the event will appear as an online event



If a scanner is assigned from this multiple options select field, he will be able to scan purchased tickets for this event date (on the platform and via the scanner mobile application). Scanners accounts can be managed by the organizer in the My scanners section

Points of sale

If a scanner is assigned from this multiple options select field, he will be able to sell tickets for this event date. Points of sale accounts can be managed by the organizer in the My points of sale section

Event date tickets

Enable sales for this ticket ?

If checked, this specific event date ticket won't be on sale anymore

The event page won't appear in the search results if no ticket are on sale, but it will be still accessible (the add to cart form will be replaced by a message: No tickets on sale at this moment)

Ticket name

This is the designation of the ticket (i.g. Early bird, General admission, VIP...)


Ticket description

If an organizer wants to clarify some aspects, he writes them here and they will appear in a tooltip next to the event date ticket designation

Is this ticket free ?

Eventic supports free tickets, attendees won't pay the event ticket neither they will for the fees


This is the sale price of the ticket

Promotional price

Set a price lesser than than the original price to indicate a promotion (this price will be the SALE price)


This is the tickets quantity available for sale for this ticket

If you change the ticket quantity for an event date ticket after it is put on sale (we specifically mean decreasing the quantity), upon cart confirmation, the system checks if the event date ticket still has the tickets quantity that is to be purchased, otherwise the cart will be automatically updated and the purchase will be canceled (the attendee will be notified by the change)

Tickets per attendee

Set the number of tickets that an attendee can buy for this ticket type

Sale start and end date

Organizers can set when the specific tickets can be on sale

Once the form saved, the event will be set as a draft. After previsualizing the event page, the organizer has to click on the Publish button in order to put the event on sale

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